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At Leul de Aur Hotel, we pride ourselves on delivering memorable experiences to our guests. Over the last decade, we have consistently invested in improving quality and developing additional services for our resort. Our portfolio currently includes 125 3- and 4-star accommodation facilities, classified as single/twin, double, triple, apartment, and boutique. What does a boutique hotel mean? It is a special part of our hotel, where we have created unique properties. Each room represents a season, such as spring, summer, autumn or winter, or recreates a beautiful Saxon dormitory with handcrafted and hand-painted furniture. Leul de Aur Hotel is the largest accommodation provider in Alba County.

At our resort, you can enjoy an internationally and nationally inspired restaurant, an authentic wine cellar, and a small, cosy saloon with a charming fireplace. Moreover, we have channelled our creative energy to open a brand-new restaurant and a delightful summer garden along the old citadel’s walls.

We have also developed solutions for the business sector. Our B2B clients can enjoy a well-equipped conference hall, top-notch team-building infrastructure, attractive business offers for longer stays, and other tailor-made solutions for our partners.

But we didn’t stop there! Leul de Aur Resort features one of the most elegant ballrooms in the area, perfect for private events such as weddings, celebrations, or large parties. Additionally, we have our own bakery and pastry laboratory, capable of turning any sweet dream into reality. Dreaming of a wedding in Transylvania? At Leul de Aur, we can make it happen for you!

What’s great about Leul de Aur Resort? We constantly put ourselves in our clients’ shoes to discover the best ways to improve and develop our services. That’s why we have found excellent partners and brought more than 15 related services to our location, such as banking, currency exchange, pharmacy, electric vehicle docking stations, hair and nail salons, massage, and more.

Not convinced yet? No problem! Your first stay at Leul de Aur Hotel will be the best way to discover a place where hotel services are transformed into memorable guest experiences.

Don’t wait – book a stay at Leul de Aur Hotel! Our team is ready to welcome you!

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“For me, the Golden Lion Resort is where comfort, elegance, and tradition harmoniously combine. It is my way of giving back to the local community by reviving such an old and important brand.”

–Ioan Istrate
–General Manager

What do our guests say?

“Locatie superba, dotari excelente, restaurant cu servire ireprosabila si mic dejun super!”

“Curat, personal amabil, salteaua confortabila, aer conditionat, parcare mare, mic dejun diversificat si gustos.”


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The Golden team of Leul de Aur

What is a company, a brand, without its team? The answer: A pile of useless documents!

Each member of our team plays a crucial role in delivering memorable experiences to our clients. Our housekeeping team takes care of your room, bringing freshness and comfort, ensuring a clean stay at our hotel. The maintenance team ensures that every technical aspect functions flawlessly. As for our culinary department? Our kitchen staff needs no sophisticated introduction, as they are the wizards behind your delectable dishes. Wondering how to find your favorite dishes? That’s where our professional team of waiters comes into play, as they expertly guide you in discovering our menu. If you still need assistance with check-in, our front desk team awaits you at the reception, supported by our TESA team and our trustworthy partners, who provide high-quality goods and services.

If you think you might be a good fit for a team like ours and your dream job is to work in the high-standard hospitality industry, feel free to send us your CV and a personal description at office@leuldeaur.com

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Leul de Aur’s team is not only selling services, but prides itself on delivering great experiences to our guests! Come and discover our facilities!

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